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 Shop different selections below and support our mission with every purchase. Together, through the power of shopping, we can drive positive change and create a better world for Lymphedema Warriors

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Apparel with purpose. Every purchase helps fund our mission, making a tangible difference in the lives we touch. Wear your support proudly. 

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Available on Amazon: "Its Not Bad" dives into what is called, Lymphedema. Primary Lymphedema effects children all around the world but is rare and not often heard of.This story is geared towards children who struggle with understanding their disease. 

100% of all proceeds of this book goes directly to Jo Rising Foundation, a Non-Profit 501(c)3 organization based in Emerson, Arkansas.

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Deeper & Wider!

Buy your footwear and even mismatched sizes & 15% is donated to Jo Rising Foundation!

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