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The Heart of Our Mission: How Jo Rising Foundation Makes Every Dollar Count.

The Jo Rising Foundation is committed to ensuring that all funds are used effectively to impact the lives of those we help. We run our operations without any overhead costs, with our team working remotely and using group texts and teleconferences for coordination. This ensures that every donation we receive directly benefits our recipients and advances our advocacy and awareness initiatives. While we acknowledge that this setup may need to evolve in the future to better support our community, we currently take pride in our minimal overhead expenses.

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Our dedicated team works solely as volunteers, receiving no compensation for their time and effort. As the head of the organization, I can attest to the challenges and time-consuming nature of our work, but the rewards far outweigh these obstacles. It's incredibly fulfilling to see the direct impact we have on the lymphedema community right here at home and nationwide.

Our support extends beyond providing assistance with shoes and compression gear. One of our core values is to listen actively to the parents and adults battling this disease. Listening isn't just about hearing their concerns—it's about offering resources, knowledge, and suggestions. We advocate on their behalf with insurance companies and assist in clinical searches and inquiries.

Navigating one's health can be daunting, especially when facing a disease like lymphedema. Unfortunately, many individuals are either misguided or left without the resources they need. That's where we step in. By virtually standing beside them, we offer an extra voice of support. We don't just do things for them; we show them how to advocate for themselves more effectively.

When I'm not assisting with their clinical care or insurance battles, you'll find me cheering them on. I remind them that every little progress is significant and worth celebrating. The role of being that extra person, that additional voice, is more impactful than any monetary support can be.

At Jo Rising Foundation, we strive to empower and support our community in every way possible. We are committed to making every dollar count and ensuring that our beneficiaries receive the support they need to navigate their journeys with lymphedema.

Understanding the Challenges of Sharing Impact

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Not all beneficiaries give feedback, provide pictures, or leave reviews. While these things help donors see that their support is being utilized, many beneficiaries are uncomfortable sharing their experiences. I know firsthand that within this community, many do not want others to know they accepted help, feel comfortable sharing their child’s story, or even bring attention to their disease due to the stigma surrounding lymphedema.

Many times, recipients opt to express gratitude with a brief thank you message and nothing more. Although I acknowledge their privacy and decision, I also realize that this approach may dampen the enthusiasm of donors to offer assistance. We continuously seek ways to communicate the outcomes of our efforts without putting pressure on beneficiaries to reciprocate or feeling exploited for our own purposes.

At Jo Rising Foundation, we are constantly balancing the need for transparency with respect for the privacy and dignity of those we serve. We are grateful for the trust our donors place in us and are committed to showing the difference their support makes in ways that honor our beneficiaries' preferences.

We are grateful for your support towards our mission and for your contributions to our meaningful endeavors. Additionally, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our beneficiaries for their trust, friendship, and for enriching our lives beyond our expectations.

Better Together,


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I love the respect given to recipients! Fantastic!

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