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If you are a mom or caregiver and you watched the above video. I know you have all the same feelings as I do.

  1. It is in fact the VERY best method to reduce and control swelling. It is a must in our daily life along with MLD.

  2. It is the most frustrating thing to do and the fear of having it right, can sometimes be more stressful than the rolls flying out of your hand, causing you to stop and whine back up just to start again.

  3. Expensive! The care instructions say good up to 50 washes, we all know that's a lie. Your good with making it to two weeks!

When we first started learning it would literally take us over an hour. Stoping and redoing was constant. Our therapist said, "I promise it will get better and faster." Here we are 7 months into it and by golly we are getting it done in 15-20 min. Depending on if I can hold on to the rolls. HAHA.

Compression bandaging is the MOST effective way to treat and manage lymphedema. It doesn't matter if you have the pump, Velcros, or night garments. They are all great but the compression bandages is something you SHOULD NEVER stop doing. EVER. If you don't believe me, research it. Every site tells you that compression bandaging and MLD is 99.9% effective on treatment.

So moms, get to wrapping. IT DOES get better. It will always be a love/hate, but your lymphie counts on it. They need it.

Take a look at that total for wraps. On the short bandage I got enough for 2 wraps. I couldn't afford an extra day on the foam. I will go back and order foam again in two weeks. This order is basically for one wrap. Which I should get a good 2 weeks out of it before I have to replace again. Wrapping is our daily routines.

If I haven't said this already, my heart breaks for the ones who have more of a financial struggle than we do. It really is heartbreaking!

If you are a mom/caregiver of a lymphedema. If you are a adult lymphie. You are NOT alone. I hear you. I feel you. And importantly, Im here for you. Reach out, I might not be able to help financially but I am willing to loan you my ear. :)

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