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Lets talk shoes..

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Ok, so I know I am not even a full year into this journey with Jo. When it comes to shoes it is a love/hate affair.

I have looked into my daughters eyes while trying on just about every shoe in the shoe stores and felt like I was the Duke in Cinderella and her, one of the step sisters. When I express the fact that shoe shopping is one of the WORST experience thus far. (Outside of Medical)

I know my feelings and frustrations are strong when it comes to the dreaded shoe search, but my little 6 year old must be even more horrified on the inside. She use to love shoes, and the play heels. Seriously, one of her favorite things to do. Now, she despises shoes. She wants no part in shoe shopping. She literally loathes it.

Second problem, when you do find one that will work not only are you buying that one pair of $$$ shoes you must buy 2! With that kind of expense you can throw out the idea of getting several styles for different wears and outfits. That extra $ needs to be spent on bandages, garments, Velcros and/or medical bills.

I have tried asking companies to please sell me just one of each, but that was like asking for their right arm or would never get a reply. Lymphedema Shoe buying is really a BIG DEAL!

For the last 6 months Jo has been in reduction stage, after a few shoe tries, we decided to revert to a cast shoe to have ease of wear due to bulk in her reduction phase.

We started out with the hard sole, squared-exposed toe, ortho shoe. It worked fairly well for a time but I really became concerned with the height difference and the strong limp she had while wearing.

Our therapist provided me with a medical sight and they had a nifty looking rubber cast/ortho shoe. We jumped on that and have been using it ever since. Plus it comes with two (both are universal) and the toe of it has a little cover that protects the toes.

Feel free to check this site out. Lots of good resources and gear for your tool kit!

The only downside is if your child is younger than 5, I'm afraid they would be too big. the bungie strap is adjustable to tighten and that is what we use. The shoe is big but it does not slide, slip or move off her foot. She is a very very hyper, energized 6 year old.

I hope this helps someone who is going through shoe struggles while in the reduction phase.

Now to find a solution for regular wear shoes!!

Be sure to check in the forum section. There is a topic about shoes. I would love to hear what everyone is doing!

Together, our littles will Rise above!


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