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Halloween is OVER...

Wow, what a week it has been leading up to Halloween! We kicked off the weekend with Jos Halloween bash at school. Pretty much her whole family is part of the Volunteer fire department, and we were asked if we would participate in the trunk or treat for the school. Of course, we said, HECK YEA! Anything for dad to dress out in his gear and drive the fire truck. HAHA!

She was proud to show off her parents and "HER" big yellow fire truck. Of course, her classmates thought the man in gear and his truck was spook-ta-culier.

I did notice on the last blog that I forgot to add her measurements in from when we left Dallas! Sorry guys, my scatter brain is not always on point. We have measured her since we left Dallas and I do not have those measurements in front of me, but I do know we celebrated because we are still seeing decrease! YAY! We measure again tomorrow so I will do my best to get those measurements noted in on the next blog.

Saturday, a town over from us was hosting a downtown scavenger hunt. Against my better judgement we decided to make that dreary fall day a fun one and we did our best!

We met up with one of her classmates and mom and decided to join teams. Yall, they had us doing human pyramids, tiktok trends (whats tiktok?), black cats, spiderwebs, a PIG, we were on a mission, and we conquered ALOT of the hunts, but I am so thankful they chose to post only the good side of our pictures and videos! HA!

Yall remember Bettle Juice? The day o song at the kitchen table, yeah try teaching that to a couple of 6-year olds to recreate. Talk about a hot mess. Actually, they were better than us adults but still...

We didn't win 1st place, but we came in with some pretty high points and in the kid's head, we were winners. Thats all that matters right?

Now we welcome Halloween. One thing I have learned, it is just not the same as when I grew up. Halloween was celebrated on ONE day. Not multiples, not candy from trunks, but from the door of a home. I sure do wish we could get back to that kind of Halloween tradition. All in all, Jo had fun. We decided to go to "Sissy's" work and trunk or treat there. Jo specifically said that her favorite part of Halloween was seeing her "sissy" and of course I think it was my favorite part as well. We don't see her as much as we would like. With her college and her work. She is just so busy. So, in the moments we get with her, we cherish them even more.

I sure hope everyone had a Happy and safe Halloween... NOW that is over...

BRING ON CHRISTMAS (my favorite time of year) JOY TO THE WORLD!

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