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Our Story

In April 2022, my 6-year-old daughter's leg suddenly swelled up without explanation. After numerous doctor visits, hospital stays, and tests, she was finally diagnosed at 5 months from onset of symptoms with Primary Lymphedema. Despite the diagnosis, the cause remains unknown. This led to difficulties in finding Drs., CLTs, Garment resellers in our region. However, the one struggle I didn't expect,  properly fitting shoes for her affected foot! This particular hardship is what inspired the creation of Jo Rising.


Our mission at Jo Rising is three-fold: to raise awareness in our communities, advocacy of Lymphedema in the medical community and to provide shoes for children affected by the disease.

 We've already assisted with 17 shoes and 5 sets of multi-layer bandages to families across the U.S. and aim to continue supporting more as we continue to grow as an organization. Our efforts in bringing awareness and advocacy have succeeded my expectations for our first year as a Non-Profit and we look forward to what our 2nd year will have in store. 

Volunteer Group


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Back of a group of volunteers
Jamie Stephens- Founder


We are a volunteer-led organization. Our members dedicate countless hours into ensuring the journey of our mission is met and evolving. 

Jamie Stephens- Victoria Hodge- Jessica English- Jennifer Stephenson- Lauren Pinner

Victoria Hodge- Board Member

Join Us

We are always looking for new members to join our team. Reach out to us if you would like to volunteer. 

Jennifer Stephenson- Treasurer

OUR Helpers

We have countless Volunteers that help during our events and fundraisers. These individuals and groups are greatly appreciated for all their hard work and dedication to Jo Rising Foundation.

Fun with Imagination


We strive to inspire hope in children that fight with lymphedema, so they may gain new dignity and courage by providing proper shoes that fit and keep their feet safe so they can walk confidently while fighting lymphedema.


We strive to offer relief of financial burdens to families by providing shoes and assistance in compression treatment cost for children fighting Lymphedema

so it may free up financial resources for the family to use towards other medical needs that are required to fight this disease.


We strive to bring change within our community and further, in hopes to have easier and quicker access to diagnosis, treatment, and Drs. who specialized for those fighting lymphedema. Everyone deserves top grade-access to medical care for any disease they are fighting. 

Our Vision

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